Current Board Members

Pat Howe -  President

Dustin Schuemann

- Vice President

Andrew Thompson 

Jorge Páramo

Matthew Toth

[Not Pictured]
Mike Smith

[Not Pictured]
Todd Huffman

[Not Pictured]
Corey McDonald

[Not Pictured]
Troy Osborne

[Not Pictured]
David Weber

The WMCUG Leadership Board is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in supporting this great group, please Apply.

Past Board Members

Rion Hollenbeck - Secretary
Manager: Voice Application Services – Amway

Nicole Johnson - Founder
Cisco Systems Engineer, Adjunct Professor, Community Advocate and Self-Proclaimed Innovator

James Czerew
Network Engineer, Network Security Instructor, and Technology Consultant

Jared Olson

Bryan Waller 

Douglas Andersen

Todd VandenBrand
Client Partner - Wireless Business Group

Pete Hoffswell 
Broadband Services Manager at Holland Board of Public Works