Being the sponsor for the evening gives you a chance to be recognized in a special way which

will help you become more familiar with the local "tech scene". We create a relaxed

environment that encourages interaction and discussion, giving you an opportunity to meet some

of the industry leaders in the area and highlight what's best about your product or service!

Here are some of the key benefits for your sponsorship:

  • We provide a table to display your materials for the entire meeting.
  • We place frames promoting your logo by the food tables.
  • Your company name and information is included in the Official Email invite and Event flyer.
  • Your company name and information is posted on our Website for one year under the “Sponsor” section.
  • You are given a 10-15 minute timeslot to address the group at the beginning of the meeting.

Our attendance typically numbers around 40-60 people, and the usual cost for a nice catered dinner

for this amount of people has been under $500. The final cost will vary based on the number of

people who register for each meeting.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please feel free to speak to your WMCUG Leadership Board

representative or feel free to contact us via email at: info@wmcug.org.

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring WMCUG! We hope to see you at our next event as well.