Presenter Resources

General Information for Presenters -

What type of Sessions do you have?

Classroom Style - A typical "sage on the stage" presentation format, with a presenter (or co presenters) speaking to the audience sitting at desks

Panel Discussion - A session either in classroom or auditorium, with with a panel of 3-4 speakers and a moderator

Round Table - pods of tables with a discussion leader at each table

Social - Off-site social event at a park, restaurant, or bar.

What is the typical number of attendees?

Our attendance ranges from 40 to 100 members, with an average of around 50. Our panel discussions tend to bring in larger numbers of members. During times when students are not in class, we often see a drop in attendance.

Our member makeup is typically

  • 50% Networking Professionals
  • 20% Network Engineering Students
  • 15% Consultants, Sales

What is the facility like?

  • We typically meet at Davenport University's Sneden Center Meeting Halls 1-3.
  • Room audio system with Microphone, and laptop audio
  • 3 projectors, connected to standard VGA computer input cable
  • Seating for 90
  • Dinner Served before your presentation starts

Session Information -

What is the normal agenda?

Or normal sessions run from 5:30 to 7:30 -

5:30 - 5:45: Registration and Networking

5:45 - 6:00: Sponsor

6:00 - 7:15: Discussion

7:30 - Room closes, After-Meeting Social

Dinner is served during the networking and sponsor portions of the event, and we adjurn to Ucello's Caledonia after the event for further networking.

Preparing Your Presentation -

At WMCUG we know that our events success relies highly on a great presentation. These questions help you develop a presentation that you can be proud of, and our members will greatly appreciate

Subject Matter

We find the following to be winners with our best presentations -

    • Experience-oriented stories
    • Live demonstrations
    • Encourage audience participation
    • Feel free to review our previous meetings to see what content has been like. These are online at:

Are there Taboo Topics?

Yes. This content is considered taboo -

  • Sales Pitches
  • marketing-oriented presentations
  • self promotion
  • topics that may be offensive to any individual or community

Day of Event

  • Be Sure To -
    • Come early to connect up and test technology
    • Leave time for questions and conversations with participants
    • Join us at our social hour after the meeting, if you can.